Wikispaces does not host images or videos, so we need to know how to deal with them. Here are instructions.

(1) Images on the web
(a) Make sure we have the image open (not just the link in Google, and copy the URL (web address) of the image
(b) Click on “edit” (top left corner) on our wiki page
(c) Click the curser, on your wiki page, where you want to insert the image
(d) Click on the “file” tab (sort of top leftish)
(e) Click on the “external file” tab
(f) Paste in URL and click on the load

(2) Your own images
(a) Save the image somewhere on the web (see (4) further down this page)
(b) Copy URL for your image on the web
(c) Follow steps (1) (b) to (f) above

(3) Videos from the web
(a) Look for the embed code on the page of your video. It may be tricky to find, but you need it.
(b) Click on edit (top left corner) on our wiki page
(c) Click on your wiki page where you want to insert the video
(d) Click the widget tab
(e) Click on the video tab
(f) If your video is from one of the listed click on it, otherwise, click on other.
(g) Paste in embed code
(h) Click on save

(4) Saving images to the web
(a) Open the media storage website
(b) Log in with the following details, then click on “log in to mediafire”
Password: unisbio

(c) Select on the ”UNIS G10 R3 images” folder and then click on the “upload to this folder button”
(d) Following the instructions on the website to upload your images(s)
(e) Once uploaded, click on the “copy link” button and then follow steps (1) (b) to (f) above.
(f) Log out quickly when you have finished, so other students can log in and upload their images…