Hi all

The process is simple.

In the old fashioned way, we all answer all questions on a worksheet (lots of writing).

The modern way (here): each of us answers a few questions. We then all read the answers that have been posted, and correct / improve them (or even add videos / YouTube links etc). This means we all individually write less, and many eyes find mistakes / improve our collective notes, and we learn by processing other peoples answers, comparing it to texts / the internet etc.

1. Each group works together to answer their section / embed useful YouTube (or other) videos etc

2. Each student reads each other section & EDITS / rewords, adds to or improves what they read

3. We use the info for fun tasks to learn it (without tonnes of writing...)

4. Yay for Mr. H!!!!!

PRODUCT – excellent notes that we have all processed, not so much boring writing, and learning via fun activities.

The benefit - we write less, but learn as much or more (if we actively take part) and the final product is of much higher quality....